New Ultra High Impact Shelf-Wide Screens

Introducing SFD’s new 4ft/1.2m wide LCD digital shelf edge screens – with a huge display area these screens deliver superb in-store impact.  SFD is the first digital shelf edge provider able to offer large screen formats fully integrated and store-ready:

  • Super-easy to fit to shelf-edge
  • Fully integrated back-end IOT management platform
  • Automated digital price tickets driven by retailer’s central POS
  • Easy to manage video promotions with full CMS
  • Totally scalable to any number of shelves and stores

Watch the new displays in action here:

Still the world’s most advanced Digital Shelf Edge 

SFD’s fully integrated platform lets retailers and brands:

  • Drive sales with digital advertising at shelf edge – up to 40-50% uplift
  • Remove the huge costs of printing and managing paper price tickets and promotional signs
  • Guarantee 100% compliance for retail marketing campaigns

Key Features

The SFD Digital Shelf Edge platform boasts:

  • Full colour TFT LCD screens with 180 degree viewing angles in various formats: 2.4 inch & 12”, 24″ and 48″ Letterbox formats
  • Video and motion graphics for digital adverts and promotions
  • Lifts the store environment and improves customer experience
  • Fast and seamless price and promotion updates pre-scheduled or in an instant
  • Super easy to retrofit in store
  • Simple for store staff to re-configure as and when needed
  • APIs enable full integration with the retail technology eco-system including existing EPOS and CMS software
  • Live monitoring of price and promotional compliance from the cloud-based dashboard
  • Chiller compatible
  • NFC enabled
  • Low-power and data connected shelves enable accurate up-to-date information at the shelf edge, around the store and at HQ
  • Future proofing – our platform will evolve with you from digital pricing to fully digital store operations through time