SFD is continuing to expand its Digital Shelf Edge platform with the launch of hang electronic shelf labels (hang-esls) which are perfect for electronic accessories, confectionary/candy, stationery and hobby-craft categories.

Pictured here in a telecoms store SFD’s hang electronic shelf labels are elegant and easy to install. Store-staff can easily move the electronic shelf labels to line up with hangers when re-merchandising.  They can also easily change the price ticket shown on the electronic shelf label using a simple scanning app.

SFD Systems is the only company offering full-colour electronic shelf labels to retailers.  The ESLs display the full spectrum of colour through high-resolution LCD screens.  They enable retailers to display information in any font or colour and also show graphic images.  Promotional and sale tickets can also be shown at shelf edge.  What’s more management screens mean store-staff information can be hidden away so digital price tickets are clearer and easier to read.

For retailers colour electronic shelf labels offer a host of benefits:

  • No need to print, manage or put out paper shelf labels – publish digital price tickets in an instant
  • Improve compliance – digital price tickets update instantaneously when the POS is updated
  • New retail marketing revenue – vendors can drive up sales with better communications at shelf-edge and guaranteed compliance

SFD’s Digital Shelf Edge remains the most advanced platform available to global retailers.  As well as electronic shelf labels the platform supports a range of video-shelf-edge screens which have fully integrated price and promotional ticketing as well as the ability to display multimedia advertising at shelf edge.  The cloud-based control platform easily integrates with retailers’ POS so that price tickets on both electronic shelf labels and video-shelf-edge screens can be updated in real-time.

For more information or a demonstration please message us at info@sfdsystems.com