SFD Systems’ Digital Shelf Edge has arrived in France with retail giant the Casino Group in the new Le 4 Casino.

Casino’s new store concept ‘Le 4 Casino’ brings a whole new experience to French shoppers – it’s a place to eat, relax and shop where digital services enhance and simplify the day-to-day shopping experience. For 120 years, the Casino Group has been innovating and taking convenience retailing to new levels by keeping pace with new consumer trends. With “Le 4 Casino”, the Group aims to provide customers with a unique shopping experience and make their daily lives much easier.

Casino are using SFD Systems’ video-shelf-edge labels with integrated price tickets to create retail theatre, highlight brands and offers and deliver new levels of product information such as nutritional data.

Chris Brown, CEO of SFD Systems said: “We’re delighted that Casino have chosen to install SFD’s Digital Shelf Edge within the Le 4 Casino store as part of their drive towards a digital retail future. Our video-shelf-edge screens are creating retail theatre and will enable Casino to inform and entertain shoppers with multi-media content to deliver higher sales. With integral full-colour, high-resolution digital price tickets and full compliance-checking Casino are also getting the enhanced benefits of the next generation in ESEL technology.”

Jean-Charles Naouri, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Casino Group, said: “The retail business is now innovation-centric, and this goes beyond mere technology. In the future, the gap between brick-and-mortar and digital stores will close. Physical and digital distribution channels will not only need to adapt to tastes and trends but also to anticipate them. This new concept embodies an entirely new mindset based on constant adaptation, with a view to more effectively anticipating and meeting consumer expectations while maintaining close, trusting relationships with the customers who shop at our banners.”

About the Casino Group

The Casino Group is a respected key player on the French retail market and an international leader in food retail, with more than 12,000 stores around the world (in France, Latin America and the Indian Ocean). The Group has developed a portfolio of strong, dynamic and complementary banners, thanks to more than 220,000 employees driven by their passion for retail and customer service, and generated net sales of €38 billion in 2017. In all of its host countries, the Casino Group focuses its development on the formats with the highest potential and its ability to adapt in order to satisfy the needs of its customers, today and tomorrow. For more information, visit www.groupe-casino.fr/en.

About SFD Systems

Systems is a retail technology company based near Cambridge, UK. The company develops and deploys digital shelf edge technology for retail stores. We work with global brands and retailers to make stores smarter and run more efficiently. SFD Systems digital shelf edge platform was launched in early 2017 with Waitrose and has subsequently appeared in Morrisons, World Duty Free and Home Depot. Many more global retailers and brands are now rolling out the digital shelf edge technology.