Harding Retail are using SFD Systems’ digital shelf edge platform in their store on the newly launched Marella Explorer cruise-ship.  This is the first time SFD’s technology platform has been used at sea to target discerning cruise shoppers.

SFD Systems has developed the world’s most advanced digital shelf edge solution. The platform uses high-resolution video-capable LCD screens and enables retailers and brands to play adverts at the shelf edge as well as remotely update prices and information. Its core benefits include operational efficiencies and improved pricing accuracy, but most importantly it helps create in-store theatre: Retailers and brands can now capture customers’ attention and engage with them at the shelf edge to drive up sales.

SFD’s video-ESLs will be used in the liquor store on-board Marella Explorer to engage and entertain shoppers, give them better product information and encourage them to buy on-board.  Additionally, Harding Retail will be able to digitally and dynamically update prices according to the cruise profile.

James Prescott, Managing Director of Harding Retail said: “ The Marella partnership has been an exciting first for Harding. One that has allowed us to demonstrate our skills as leaders in cruise retail innovation on many levels. Our exclusive partnership at sea with SFD Systems has brought another first for Harding in digital communication for the guests, aiming to inform, surprise and delight in real time. This takes us into a new era for instore marketing.”

Chris Brown, Managing Director of SFD Systems said: “With the launch of Marella Explorer we are delighted to see SFD’s Digital Shelf Edge go to sea for the first time.  Cruise passengers expect the best in retail experiences and with our displays on the shelves Harding Retail and their brand suppliers will be able to engage, entertain and inform shoppers better than ever through digital videos and pricing information.”

About SFD Systems

SFD Systems is a retail technology company based near Cambridge, UK. The company develops and deploys digital shelf edge technology for retail stores. We work with global brands and retailers to make stores smarter and run more efficiently. SFD Systems’ digital shelf edge platform was launched in early 2017 with Waitrose and has subsequently appeared in Morrisons, World Duty Free and Home Depot. Many more global retailers and brands are rolling out the digital shelf edge technology this year.